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With Green Energy Sailing, catamaran sailing is an environmentally friendly and sustainable form of vacation

Sailing has long been considered a sustainable mode of transportation. However, a new study has found that sailing is not as sustainable as it seems. Worldwide, tons of diesel fuel are consumed to use the power generators and run propulsion engines onboard sailing vessels. On the other hand a sailing trip with Green Energy Sailing is one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable forms of vacation. We help protect the planet by drastically reducing our carbon emissions and no other fossil resources are required while sailing. We are in the process of becoming completely independent of fossil fuels. In the future, we will be able to sail for weeks or even months without relying on external sources of energy or sweet water. So if you are looking for a sustainable and environmentally friendly vacation option and would like to support our idea, Green Energy Sailing is definitely worth considering.

Daycharter or can it be a few days more?

Anyone who has ever sailed on a large catamaran will want to experience this feeling again. It matters not whether we glide along slowly or the hulls of ENTROPY are cutting through the water, the heeling (incline) is always pleasant, even for non-sailors. That’s why a stay on board ENTROPY is never too long. In order for you to enjoy your time with us 100%, we will coordinate your wishes accordingly and give you the best tips.

  • anchor in the most beautiful and remote bays
  • abundance of space onboard
  • modern and fresh interior
  • high quality technology
  • everything to touch and participate
  • great hospitality and cuisine
  • swimming in the presence of the most magnificent sceneries

Of course there is also the possibility of snorkeling and various water sports. We have a nice selection of water toys on board.

Daycharter 460 € pp

Weekendcharter 1600 € pp

Weekcharter 4000 € pp

We make our catamaran CO² neutral

A typical catamaran has two diesel engines that drive the propellers. A diesel generator produces the required electricity for the winches, navigation electronics and household appliances. Gel-batteries power the refrigerator and freezer overnight, in the morning the generator or engines start again. It was like this onboard our 1994 catamaran FUCHUR, a Privilege 65 (20 meter). In this case the generator ran more than 10 hours per day, even when sailing. (see FUCHUR video)
Today there is an alternative design, which is growing more and more popular: the so-called “zero-emission-catamaran”. This vessel is powered by electric motors, which are fed by powerful lithium battery banks. The batteries are charged with renewable energy through solar cells, wind turbines and recuperation (the propellers spin while sailing). All consumers on board must therefore be electrified and designed to be energy efficient (A++). As a back-up and for emergencies, a small generator is available that runs on e.g. biodiesel and can be converted to hydrogen in the future. On our catamaran, there is sufficient space to install massive solar cells and two huge battery banks in order to create the desired comfort. We do not use a liquified gas system (Propane-bottles).
The advantage of this particular design is that, it is much more fuel efficient than the previous catamaran designs. It is also much quieter and produces no emissions (given the right weather conditions). The main disadvantage of the “zero-emission-catamaran” is that it is much more expensive than the conventional catamarans. However, the extremely low fuel consumption and lack of emissions, redeem the higher build cost. If you are interested in how we are rebuilding our catamaran and how a regenerative catamaran sails, you can join us and support us on our journey. In return, you will have exclusive access to all the experiences of the conversion as well as the daily sailing. Join us sailing emission-free at the most beautiful regions of the Mediterranean.

Here you will find an overview of the planned or already completed conversions:

This is how we took over our catamaran
Lagoon 570 owner version
Year of manufacture 2002
Length 17,50 m
Wide 9,10 m
Depth 1,40 m
Weight 17 tons
Mast 22 m
Sail area 190 qm
Engine 2 x 110 PS
Generator 12,7 kVa
Gas oven and gas stove

How we started


We are clearly against the use of fossil fuels as well as the liquid gas system with stove and oven removed. Therefore, the two diesel engines (1) and the diesel generator (2) well as the liquid gas system with stove and oven will be removed.



Each hull is divided by bulkheads (1) into 3 watertight compartments, each with an automatic bilge pump. A life raft (2) is located on deck.


Interior design

ENTROPY’s interior is currently renewed and adapted, so that the new energy-saving technology finds its place everywhere. In addition, we want to offer you an appealing and modern ambience. It is also important to save weight, therefore we have removed about 1 ton of furniture and equipment. (office, jacuzzi, partition walls etc.)



Our CO₂ footprint should be as small as possible. That’s why our catamaran gets:

  • Intelligent inverter
  • High-energy 48-volt lithium-ion batteries
  • 48 volt wiring
  • LED Lighting
  • Reverse osmosis watermaker
  • highly efficient electrical appliances


Become part of our project

Do you care about protecting the environment? Do you want to be part of a project that makes a difference?

Then you should support Green Energy Sailing in its conversion to a CO₂-neutral catamaran.
As Green Energy Sailing, we are committed to sustainable sailing. We believe that we can make a difference in the fight against climate change. Our goal is to show that it is possible to sail without harming the environment. That’s why we are converting a used sailing catamaran into a CO₂-neutral vessel by installing solar panels, wind turbines and hydro-recuperation.
We also want to broadly inform our supporters and encourage other shipowners to switch to renewable energies as well.

Together, we can make a change and help protect our planet for future generations.

Daniel Schindler & Family

Daniel Schindler & Family

Owner & Host

  • Passionate sailor
  • Inspired by Jacques-Yves Cousteau
  • Yacht building since 1994
  • 1994 Construction of our 20 m  catamaran FUCHUR in France
  • Crewed-charter operation of the FUCHUR in the Caribbean Sea
  • Conversion of a naval vessel into the 140 m Megayacht YAS in  Dubai/Abu Dhabi