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About Daniel

I was born in Germany in 1962. Very early I was inspired by the documentaries of Jacques-Yves Cousteau and the foundation of my fascination for the sea was laid. I became a passionate sailor. In 1994, I started building yachts. My two most important milestones include the construction of my 20 meter sailing catamaran “FUCHUR” in 1995 at Jeantot Marine in France. I operated this catamaran commercially as a crewed charter yacht with 10 guests and 4 crew in the Caribbean. As head of the interior department, I converted a former Dutch frigate into the 141 meter megayacht “YAS” in Dubai and Abu Dhabi until 2012. As a sailor, the environment is very close to my heart. Out of this love and respect, the protection of nature and especially the oceans and marine life is a special concern to me.

I would like to share my experience in energy-saving technology and the latest advances with other owners and operators. I believe that together we can make a difference. This is the only way we can help preserve our planet in the best possible way for future generations. Together with my wife and daughter, we have decided to leave our comfort zone. We sold everything in Germany and now live on our ship. Our goal is to leave as little CO₂ footprint as possible to protect the environment. That’s why we carefully selected this 17 meter sailing catamaran built by CNB (Lagoon) in France in 2002 and started the conversion. ENTROPY is registered and insured in Germany and is located on the island of Sardinia, Italy.

For the love of the environment

We are very aware of our impact on the environment and have always tried to live a sustainable lifestyle. A catamaran offers the best opportunity to live independent from fossil fuels. Now we are excited to take the next step and transform our vessel into an ecological showpiece that has minimal impact on the environment. With ENTROPY we aspire to inform and inspire other boat owners and encourage them to take this step as well.

Short Facts about Daniel

  • passionate sailor
  • inspired by Jacques-Yves Cousteau
  • Yacht building since 1994
  • Construction of own 20 meter catamaran FUCHUR / France
  • Crewed charter operation in the Caribbean
  • Conversion of a frigate into the 141 meter mega yacht YAS Dubai/Abu Dhabi

Our Vision

Our love of the environment and the sea in particular is the driving force behind our desire to leave as small a CO₂ footprint as possible.

Over 6 million yachts and boats are operated in European waters, according to EBI (European Boating Industry). Assuming that each boat consumes only 5 liters of fuel per day for 5 months in average, that is 4,500,000,000 liters of fuel per season just in Europe. One ton of fuel is responsible for more than 2 tons of CO₂ emissions. 

With the conversion of ENTROPY, a small step towards reduction of the emissions is taking place, but that is not good enough for us. We have a vision to drastically reduce fuel consumption by private shipowners. By using only renewable energy on his catamaran, we want to demonstrate the technical feasibility to inform and encourage other shipowners to follow our example.

Join us on board ENTROPY and enjoy the comfort of regenerative & emission-free sailing.